Saturday, 23 August 2008

Now I walk in style...

Had a great day yesterday.

My dear friend Gunilla called in the morning saying she will come to visit me, not once but two times in the next few months. I'm sooooo happy! Just the good kind of news I needed.

Then Zak and I made Petra's lovely Glodbrod for breakfast. YumYum! I mixed white bread-flour, kamut bread-flour, wholegrain spelt with porridge oat and added a dl of seed-mix of flax-, pumpkin- and sunflower-seeds + gojiberries. More Yum!

After getting us all ready, we went for a swim and quite a lot of splashing at the swimming pool. Afterwards the boys and I had a pic-nic in the park - with more of the yummy bread.

...and then off to collect my price from Joanna Hall's Walk Active - "Fab Feet" Competition. I, who never wins anything... But this time I was one of three to win a pair of MBT with this photo:

My April-sock in StickaMera's Sock Club.
I'm absolutely thrilled about my new MBT's - and was happily surprised when I could chose just any of the many designs. YIPPIE!

So, Yes! now I can finally walk in style again.

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PetraO said...

Vilket härligt inlägg! vad kul att du bakade brödet - jag har testat ett annat idag med massa nyttigheter i, jag återkommer med recept. Jag hör av mig i veckan angående bra småprojekt! Kram