Saturday, 27 December 2014

Testing testing

The first post straight from my phone. 
Diamond shawl. 

Friday, 11 April 2014

Socks, Baktus and little people

Just finished a pair of Diamond Chain Toe Up Socks for a good friend.

Also, finished off the left-over yarn from Elliott's & Zac's hats, making a Baktus shawl in the same style as the boys hats.

Inspired from some finger puppets I saw recently when visiting another kindergarten, I made some 'little people' for my kindergarten children to play with.

Monday, 31 March 2014

Oopsie - time flies

Hello again friends and family. Yes, time does indeed fly and between family, work, housework and whatever else - there is not enough hours for updating...

Anyway, we have been quite busy at times and had lots of fun.

Warm 'raggsockor' for the boys. These blue/white ones for Zac and another pair in purple/blue for Elliott.

Finally got my second 'Vivian' from Ysolda finished in lovely Studio Donegal Soft Donegal bought at Nest in Crouch End, London. My first 'Vivian' was worn most every day for nearly five years, so it was long overdue for a new one.

Even though the winter was really mild - and very, very wet - it is always very cold in my kindergarten. So with the leftover yarn, i made myself some Velma legwarmers by Miastick.

During February half-term, the boys and I went to visit a dear friend in Sweden. Even though much of the snow had already disappeared, we were happy to experience some for snowball fights and first attempts of skiing. 

A little present to my dear friend G who put us up and treated us to a lovely time in Dalsland. Thank you.
To follow the theme in this post - as it turns out - another design from Ysolda -

During our time in Dalsland, we went to meet and feed some more-or-less tame elks. What about a kiss from this lovely man...

As mentioned, my workplace can feel quite cold, so some fingerless mittens - again by Ysolda - was knitted and given as Christmas gifts to warm my colleagues.