Monday, 23 November 2009

More Gnomes

Last Saturday was the day for our school's Winter Fair.

Again it was a great day with lovely, home made food, cakes, loads of activities for the children, live music and of course lots of craft and things from our school shop.

This year 'out-side' traders were also invited, so there were also stalls selling lovely truffles (I know because I've been to one of Liz's courses), hand-made soap etc. and we were a few parents from the school who had our own stall. I brought in some of my 'left-over' handbags, embroidered pot-holders, door-stoppers and some new Gnomes. And the best of all - I did sell some of it!! Yaha!

After being the 'Craft-Lady' for the last few years, it was a bit strange not being the one this year - but the new craft-team had made a great job and the stall looked fabulous.

Monday, 9 November 2009

A bit of this and that...

As I'm not seem to get that much time for blogging - or crafting - my rare posts now-a-days are a bit of this and that...
This beautiful yarn, even though it is a sock-yarn, will hopefully be a hat for Elliot some time in the - not to far a way - future. My hope is for a lovely rainbow-coloured hat.

In the half-term, I was busy writing one of my many essays for my course. As always, I was to much of an time-optimist and had hoped to finish the essay, which I haven't!! But anyway, I
have got off to a good start. The module I was working with is about story-telling and puppetry. Except the essay, we are also supposed to give a puppet-show ourselves. I have chosen "Olle's new suit" by Elsa Beskow. I love her stories and all the beautiful pictures. So along with my writing, I also got started with the puppets for this. So far, I have two nearly finished grannies, a sheep, some pigs and a cow with calf. Pelle and all the other characters are still in the making.

Soon we are also having our Winter Fair at our school, so a few bits have been made for that - some pencil-gnomes and a few walnut-gnomes.
LinkHere in north London we have a lovely shop called Handweavers Studio - a heaven for wool lovers. This is what I came out with the other day - beautiful wool for more knitted gnomes (as in previous post).