Friday, 29 July 2011

Tilda Angel

Bathing Angel for my mother on her birthday.

Monday, 11 July 2011

End of Term, Presents etc

Last Friday was the last of our normal school term and the 'going-up-children' could take home their special projects they been working hard on for quite some time after they had their lovely ceremony. My Elliot was one of the children leaving kindergarten and will start Class 1 in September. It is so exciting to entering a new adventure.

He did have another sort of adventure already though - a close encounter with the edge of the stairs - and ended up with six stitches on his eyebrow... and many lovely colours...

I was a very lucky lady who got lovely presents. A pile of 'fat-quarters' from V&A from my dear colleague...

...and gift voucher to lovely Nest - which today resulted in another wonderful pile...

Today was also the first day of my Summer Craft School that lasts this week. Today was wet-felting.

All the children's lovely 'wool-pictures' hanging to dry.