Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Instead of packing...

April has turned out to be madly stressful.

We recently found out that we had to move house - four months earlier than we thought. Then it has been hard to find anywhere to move to. Finally last week, we found a place in Kings Langley even though it is just temporary. Anyway, now I am very busy packing and cleaning for the move on Saturday. Happy Easter!

We are excited to move out of London and to live within walking distance to the lovely Kings Langley Steiner School where Elliot will start class one in September. 

Once there, I then has to tie myself to the computer and piles of books to write my biggest assignment yet that has to be handed in first Friday in May.

After that, I will breath out!

When everything has been to stressful, I instead of packing went to Nest in Crouch End - a beautiful shop - and got some lovely yarn.

Spring coloured Bluefaced Leicester will be a Margrathea Shawl (ravelry link).

The lovely soft pink yarn from Rooster (at the top) will finally be a little 'Petra's Lilla Kofta' for a little friend in the family.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Here I am with a rare post, just to introduce Polly. My degree work is taking up all of my 'spare' time along work and family, so not much to present. (I just start a lot of projects to keep my spirit up when it all gets to much - but not much is finished...)

At least I sometimes get the chance to be crafty as part of my university studies so hence our new family member Polly. She is a quite large and heavy Waldorf doll with more details than I normally do - dimpled knees and elbows and both belly-button, nose and a 'real' bottom.  Her cardigan is knitted from this pattern with Shilasdair lovely wool and pattern for her linen apron-dress is adjusted from one found in 'The Children's Year'.