Monday, 25 February 2008

SockClub's March pattern

The patterns - yes patterns, there are TWO patterns this months - for March are out. We can choose from these (pattern in english) or these - or both...
I am very tempted to do Drops socks with domino squares, but I get a bit insecure if I will manage. I'm also very tempted to try to knit with the magic loop and knit both socks at the same time. I found a tutorial here. But maybe it is to much to challenge myself with both domino squares and magic loop...

Little Friends 1st Birthday

We have two little friends who celebrating their first birthdays now in February and March. So Happy Birthday Barney and Sara - and of course to their mothers Dorthe and Julia.

Sara's getting a pink crocheted hat from this pattern.

...and Barney a pair of socks from this pattern.

Spring in the air

It was just such a beautiful day yesterday and the boys and I spent most of the day outdoors. First the weekly trip to the local Farmers Market at the bottom of Alexandra Palace close to where we live. Breadstick and juice is the Sunday treat for Elliot and Zak.
Then hours in the playground...

It's just February, but the spring flowers are out since long.

...and some Flower Children we created in our craft group for the North London Rudolf Steiner School.

Friday, 22 February 2008

Fabel for Premen

Started with a new pair of socks for Premen, my dear husband. I did make him a pair of Thuja socks for his birthday last week, which he liked and put them on immediately - and then I washed them - now they just fit ME...
Feeling a bit bad for that, I now started with a new pair for him. He (read I) got some sock-yarn from my mother, so I put my knitting pins into this Fabel-yarn to make him a pair of these socks from Garnstudio.
Friday and I'm on my last day of a 5 day Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup detox. Feeling great but looking forward to put my teeth into something.

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Craft/Knitting Bag

In four weeks we are moving out of the place we are now - and will have a gap of six weeks when we will be "in between", before we move in to the new house 1st of May... A bit stressful, especially with two little boys, but also a opportunity to visit some friends and family. But it do needs some planning.
I started with making myself a BIG craft/knitting bag, so I know I always will have a supply with me to put my hands on.

I am very pleased how it turned out and best of all - it gives me plenty of space...

I bought the fabrics at IKEA last week. All my friends dreading when they "have" to go to IKEA - but I just love it. I could spend days there... Being Swedish in the UK, means visiting IKEA brings a bit of Sweden to me. And best of all is of course the food-shop where I can get my hands on some Marabou chocolate, Singoalla & Ballerina bisquits, cardamom "skorpor", Salt Sill (salt liquorice) etc. Yummy, Yummy! Good old IKEA.

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

A new little Amigurumi friend

Made a new little Bunny - which was immediately dismissed by my son Elliot - "I don't like it, it's ugly..."
So, I guess I have to keep making toys for myself and not for the boys...

Snow White Completed

Finished my Snow White by Ysolda the other day. I have really enjoyed knitting this - especially as there are no seams... Ysolda is a very talented young woman and I love her werk. I am hoping soon to knit both Struan (for my dear husband) and Arisaig (for me, me, me).
Again I apologize for the blurry photos, just not seem to get it good.

Friday, 15 February 2008

How happy am I ...

My parents were here to visit this week and my mother had most of her suitcase stuffed with sock-wool for me. Better than X-mas.

I am specially in love with the two skeins from Fleece Artist. As I feel now, they must both stay with me. The colors are Moss and Amber.
Lorna Lace's "Old Pink" will probably go to a friend who's birthday is in a few months time.
My mum wanted Regia's - Kaffe Fasset, color Earth - for herself, which she of course will get after all this...
And the last - Fabel - was actually a birthday present for my husband who will get his second pair of socks as he liked the first pair I knitted for his birthday.

All the yarn comes from Garnkorgen in Sweden.

So happy knitting...

2008 - The year of the Socks

As I just moved to this NEW blog, I want to post photos of my socks so far. I'm so enjoying this club and cannot wait until we get the March-pattern...

January - Monkeys

February - Socks with fake cables

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Welcome To My New Blog

This is from now the new place to find me, my creations and inspiration from others. Hope you will enjoy it.