Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Busy times...

There has been little time blogging lately, but I always enjoy to have a quick peak into what others are making. Lovely things!

The boys are back in playgroup and kindergarten - and with that the school-run.
Zak just turned three and with that his little birthday party.

Had some lovely days with a friend visiting from Sweden together with her daughter - and with that a visit to the Theatre. GREASE at the Picadilly Theatre in London. Just great!
The boy's granny came for Zak's birthday and invited me to see Joseph at the Adelphi Theatre. Second time to the West End in two weeks... Fantastic!
Then I've been to a photo exhibition and an evening out with parents from the school. Feels like I've done more "grown-up" things the last two weeks than I have since becoming a mum - 4 years ago...

Work-wise I've made some curtains for a friend and I'm still working on my Chesterfield, that slowly-slowly getting there. Just need some help sewing through 6 (SIX) layers of leather - which is about 5 1/2 layers too much for my sewing machine.

As it's soon my birthday, I bought myself a little early present last week...

It's been busy times for little artists as well...

Wednesday, 10 September 2008


Been longing to knit Rose Red by Ysolda for a long time and then found this lovely mohair. So enjoyed the knitting and how the hat took shape.
But - running out of yarn and I cannot get hold of more...
Do I really need to frog this lovely hat?