Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Here I am with a rare post, just to introduce Polly. My degree work is taking up all of my 'spare' time along work and family, so not much to present. (I just start a lot of projects to keep my spirit up when it all gets to much - but not much is finished...)

At least I sometimes get the chance to be crafty as part of my university studies so hence our new family member Polly. She is a quite large and heavy Waldorf doll with more details than I normally do - dimpled knees and elbows and both belly-button, nose and a 'real' bottom.  Her cardigan is knitted from this pattern with Shilasdair lovely wool and pattern for her linen apron-dress is adjusted from one found in 'The Children's Year'.  

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asimplequilter said...

Just stumbled across your blog. She's absolutely beautiful!