Monday, 9 November 2009

A bit of this and that...

As I'm not seem to get that much time for blogging - or crafting - my rare posts now-a-days are a bit of this and that...
This beautiful yarn, even though it is a sock-yarn, will hopefully be a hat for Elliot some time in the - not to far a way - future. My hope is for a lovely rainbow-coloured hat.

In the half-term, I was busy writing one of my many essays for my course. As always, I was to much of an time-optimist and had hoped to finish the essay, which I haven't!! But anyway, I
have got off to a good start. The module I was working with is about story-telling and puppetry. Except the essay, we are also supposed to give a puppet-show ourselves. I have chosen "Olle's new suit" by Elsa Beskow. I love her stories and all the beautiful pictures. So along with my writing, I also got started with the puppets for this. So far, I have two nearly finished grannies, a sheep, some pigs and a cow with calf. Pelle and all the other characters are still in the making.

Soon we are also having our Winter Fair at our school, so a few bits have been made for that - some pencil-gnomes and a few walnut-gnomes.
LinkHere in north London we have a lovely shop called Handweavers Studio - a heaven for wool lovers. This is what I came out with the other day - beautiful wool for more knitted gnomes (as in previous post).

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Kristina said...

Så otroligt söta små vättar! Man tänker Tummelisa när man ser valnötsskalen! De på pennorna är lika ljuvliga!