Monday, 24 May 2010

Pelle's New Suit

As part of my course, we had to prepare and perform a puppet-show in kindergarten. As I am Swedish, I just had to choose one of Elsa Beskow's most beautiful stories - Pelle's New Suit. So with no further ado - here are the finished puppets and scene...

The children love the story, especially the 'magic' bit where Pelle dye his yarn from white to blue - 'how does he do it' - it the question every time.

The puppets are of 'Waldorf Style' except the two grannies that are needle felted.

Beginning of May, we celebrated our May Festival in beautiful Queens Woods in North London. This is our May-Pole, after the 'weaving dance'.

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miastick said...

Å vilken fin "Pelles nya kläder"- dockteater! Underbart, jag älskar den boken jag med ♥