Friday, 14 May 2010


When I went to my course last weekend, I had a whole suitcase full of assignments to hand in. It has been quite full on this year to try to fit in studying with work and little boys. But at least one of the assignments were of practical nature this time - which is to be honest, much easier to find time for than all the essay's and presentations I also had to write and prepare...

So a little peep into the bag I handed in:

'Teachers Tools'

Clever way to keep embroidery floss.

Apron (sorry for totally different colours... it is soft pink in reality)

...and my new friend 'Pippi" who will start kindergarten as soon as she got her wardrobe sorted. On her 'need for kindergarten list' is: wellies, water-proofs, summer- & winter-hat

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Harpa Jónsdóttir said...

It's all very beautiful - but I'm intrigued by your way of keeping floss. I'm going to try this - if I can find pegs like that .