Monday, 25 May 2009

Needle Felting

I haven't been very good updating my blog recently, mostly because most of what I'm busy with is craft for the school fair in June. But anyway, here are some photos...

Mother Earth in different clothes, colors and style.

Needle felted animals.

Knitted family of pigs.

The boy's latest favourite book is the story about Broken Bird who is born with only one wing. Eventually he meet Scary Bird with the same problem and there is immediate love... Very sweet little story.
As always, Zak has his own idea how things should be and his Scary Bird therefore has brown spots.


Janette Millbom said...

åh dom ser alla supersöta ut, men mina favoriter är nog grisarna! nöff nöff

PetraO said...

Allting är fantastiskt - men - de där små grisarna är ju helt underbara!!! (Är det inte dags att flytta hem till Sverige snart!!!) Kram