Sunday, 16 November 2008

My new love - and Crafty Saturday

Having sent out envy looks a long time for a new dual feeding sewing machine, I was thrilled finding this Walking Foot.Link So now my old Bernina is transformed and sewing in velvet etc a pure joy. I'm totally in love with my new little gadget. Halleluja!

Yesterday we had 35 babies, children and parents in our house making wonderful craft for our school's Winter Fayre that will take place 6th December.

The children had a ball, dads got all dusty from the wood works and the rest of us were covered in wool, felt, threads, bells etc.

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brisa said...

Hi! I couldn't find your contact information. I came here because I saw this ( ) and thought this is really great! Did you use a pattern for it? Which one?

Congratulation and thank you!!