Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Girl's Hat

Another little girls birthday last weekend and Elliot wanted her to have a hat like this. Pattern from Garnstudio.

NOTE: All the hats I made of this pattern I've used - Wendy Supreme 100g Luxury Cotton DK, Machine Washable Mercerised. Crochet hook 3mm. (added 21st June)


Anna said...

Så söt och så undrar jag vad det är för garn, det ser ut att vara fin lyster.

Unknown said...

so incredibly cute!!!

Lisa said...

That is seriously the cutest little hat ever! Gosh! There are so many great patterns and ideas for little girl's clothes, and mine are all adult!

Got to go get me a little girl to make things for!!

Lisa said...

Okay! I found a yet to be born little girl to make this hat for! Yeah! But I ned a bit of help. The conversion chart on the website says that a UK size 3 crochet hook is equivalent to a US K or 10...6.5 mm. Can that be right? It seems so big for this project.

Also, since I don't that the original Drops yarn to work with, could you tell me what weight it is so I can use something close?