Monday, 29 July 2013

Summer Holiday

Summer Holiday is lovely! We even got a proper summer feeling here in the UK with weeks of sunny weather.

Holidays also means that there is finally some time for knitting also. So in the middle of the heat wave I knitted the beautiful Peerie Flooers hat last week. Now it is only about a million loose ends to weave in... - and the blocking. Photo to come if when I get that done.

As 'end of year' present from my lovely kindergarten families I got gift vouchers to the beautiful yarn-shop 'Nest' in Crouch End, London. So it didn't take me long to 'pop in' for some wool. Six skeins of lovely Soft Donegal Tweed it was and it knits up lovely into my second Vivian - cardigan by Ysolda as my first one is worn to bits. 

In previous post I told you about the two lovely little mini lop rabbits we got for Elliott and Zac. Sadly, the fox got hold of 'Sunny' - the cutest bunny in the world. There was two very upset little boys here (+ me) and we quickly had to find another rabbit for Elliott. So here we now Fluffy's new friend Silver.
Even though Silver also is very cute, he has a bad habit of 'nibbling' us when held and cuddled - something that little boys isn't that keen on... Fingers crossed the biting habit will go away...

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