Wednesday, 30 May 2012

I went to buy 6 buttons...

Yes, I went to Nest in Crouch End, London a couple of weeks ago. And what happened? Well, I came out with a tiny bit more...

Some lovely blue BC Garn - Soft Silk which is not being knit into Fleece Artist's Sea Vines Vest.

The soft pink Artesano is now a pair of Veyla fingerless mitts by Ysolda. Still needs to be finished off and have the buttons sewn on.

The absolutely yummy BC Garn - Silkbloom Fino will soon become another pair of some fingerless mitts.

But before that, I need to finally finish off my Trilo cardigan by Stolen Stitches. My camera phone doesn't do the lovely colour justice, but assure you - it is gorgeous. 
Any by the way, these are the buttons I went to buy. Close up doesn't work with my camera, so photos will come another day, because they are beautiful.

Little Ducklings as birthday gifts for my four-year-old children in kindergarten.

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