Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Third time lucky...

Some time ago, I made two felted hats for my sons Elliot and Zak. But Zak's got just a tad bit to small, so I tried to knit on a few more rows, which did not work - at all! So I knitted a new one, that turned out just a tad bit to large - for his teddy-bear...


But now I luckily got it right with help of Drops Alaska from Eks Lilla Bod, where I also got Drops Nepal for new mittens for me. Both yarn felt beautifully.

 Have no idea what happened to the photo-placement now, but anyway...

As the end of the Christmas Holiday draws closer, I now say good bye to my lovely 'Tilda Tomte' for this time.


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asimplequilter said...

Love the mittens. Can you tell me the pattern you've used?