Tuesday, 2 March 2010

A stolen moment...

Between work, studies, kids and house-work I sometimes 'steal' a moment or two to browse the blogworld. Thank you all busy and crafty bloggers out there. I truly enjoy all your beautiful work and how you share it with us all.
As there is hardly any time left for the most important craft at the moment, I don't really have anything to share - but...

Last Sunday when finally finished my Anthroposophical essay and notebook - I treated myself to indulgence from Loop.

There are two shawls that I want to knit and I just cannot decide which yarn goes to which. One of my favourite blogg-ladies, PetraO inspired me to knit a Panda Silk Fan Shawl. I just started off with the lovely wool from Nature's Palette.

But I might change and use that wool for Romi's Brandywine Shawl and do the Fan Shawl in this gorgeous yarn instead. I will have to try and see what feel best.

When I will get any knitting done, I have no idea. But as I said - a few stolen moments here and there must be ok! Or?


SockPixie said...

Whichever yarn you pick, the shawls will be gorgeous!

Kristina said...

Så vackra garner och fan-shawlen är ju hur snygg som helst. Jag har också gjort en sådan!