Friday, 14 August 2009

Shetland Wool for Vivian

I'm in heaven. While visiting family in Leeds I was dropped off at a wool shop I found - Baa Ram Ewe. Beautiful and lovely shop. Long after everyone given up waiting for me and gone off to the park, I came out with a bag full of lovely Jamieson's Shetland Heather Wool. The color is just as heather in full bloom, not as purple as it looks in my picture. Ysolda's Vivian is what it will turn into. Yeah!

My mother-in-law dug out some gems stored away for me to take home. Candy!

While in Leeds I took up my Zetor shawl that was frogged ages ago. I unraveled what I had knit before and am now knitting with two strings of this VERY thin lace yarn. Like it much better now, but as I just have to start with Vivian, Zetor will have to wait yet again...


Kristina said...

Både shetlandsull och brodergarn i mängd låter som bonus! Min första stickade kofta när jag var 11 år var i ett garn som hette Shetland sport, vilket jag senare stickade flera ollar i. Senare har jag inte sett till så mycket shetlandsull, konstigt nog. Nu skall jag kolla dina länkar!

Ravenhill said...

Oh, that is gorgeous purple yarn that you have scored! I have been working on mittens in Jameson's too! I adore the heathery colors... Bound to be a beautiful sweater! That looks like quite a job to make it too, nice to have a new project to keep busy during the winter months. How lucky you were to get all those pretty embroidery threads! What happy times you have ahead!
~Emily xx