Friday, 3 April 2009

Tiny Keiko

My dear friend Keiko has moved back to Japan with her family and I miss her so. She was my companion in both the craft-group and the Waldorf doll-making courses I run at our Rudolf Steiner school.
She also used to give me presents every now and then and last October she came with some wonderful wool that I since have spun some yarn of.
I wanted to give her something back and as a little goodbye present and in the end decided to make her her own doll.
So this little doll - that now is called Tiny Keiko because she reminds us about the owner - is knitted with my very own hand-spun wool.
Thank you Keiko for all help and inspiration and good luck with your new life in Tokyo. PLEASE set up your own blog soon, so we all can enjoy your beautiful things you make.

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