Thursday, 25 December 2008

Swedish Christmas in the UK

H A P P Y X M A S - G O D J U L

This is how excited two little boys are when they're about to meet Tomten...

...and this is the rather fat Tomte that visited us this year. Yes, he (she?) found his way all the way to London. A shame that mummy just had to nip out to the shops...
Elliot wasn't very convinced though... "- I think Tomten talk just like my mum!"

Slippers Tomten brought us. They all had leather-soles sewn on to them.

Yarn: Garnstudio's Eskimo, Pattern also from Garnstudio.

Yarn: Villmark. Pattern from Eks Lilla Bod


Anna said...

så fina tofflor och snygg tomte! Härligt med förväntansfulla barn!

Kristina said...

So, thats it then! We missed Tomten here and couldn't imagine that he´s gone to London. Well all goes to London theese days, don't they?