Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Sy Mässa/Sewing Show in Malmö

Yippie! I'm going to a sew and knitt show on Saturday. The boys and I are off to visit my parents this week. On Saturday I leave the boys with them and Sara, Yvonne, Gun and I will go to the show together. I'm thrilled!!! Looks great on the web-site. Cannot wait - especially as it means I will have the day all by myself. Just imagine to actually be able to look around as much as and as long as I want, without running after little boys that get fed up all the time. This is holiday BIG times.

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PetraO said...

Jösses vad jag blir avis men vad härligt att du kommer iväg! Det var så himla mysigt att ha dig och kidsen här i lördags - kanske kan vi hinna träffas något mer innan du åker. Hör av dig när du kommer till Götet igen och ha det så bra på fredag! Kram