Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Long Time No Seen...

My husband has been away for work - and with him our laptop... (A weeks work on Teneriffe, poor thing. I know, it was hard and busy work, but anyway - Teneriffe...) Me - I've been at home packing... We are moving out on Good Friday, so here we are in a very messy house, stumbling over boxes and cleaning stuff. I say moving out, because we will not get into the new house until 1st of May, so on Friday we go on a six weeks adventure. It all worked out well and we've found places to stay - I'm especially looking forward for my two weeks in Sweden, to catch up with family and friends.

Here is something little I have squeezed in between packing and cleaning - more birthday pressies for little friends.

Elliot and Zak trying new hats for their friends Lily and Ruby.

More of Ana Paula's Honey Bears for James and Liam.

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